Training Resouces

Project Triangle anti bullying and Hate Crime education pack.

The Project Triangle anti bullying resource is the only resource in the UK to explain bullying in the context of Hate Crime, define and explain the consequences of Hate Crime and offer support for those targetted by bullying and hatred. The pack consists of 7 lesson plans and an interactive dvd which follows 12 young people from Merseyside on a trip to Warsaw and the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. It covers issues of diversity and equality and explores identity and how difference can be a prime motivator for bullying. It concludes by looking at the work of Merseyside Police Hate Crime Units and asks what can be done in schools and workplaces today to stop bullying and hatred.
Download the pack and use the teachers presentation here for free.

Above is a Step by Step Guide to Hate Crime from Merseyside Police. It identifies what a Hate Crime is, how you can report Hate Crime and what are the consequences of Hate Crime. It was delivered by Merseyside Police at Homotopia’s housing and Hate Crime conference spring 2012.